I am Herbert Ilhan Tanujaya, a fourth year Indonesian currently studying Computer Science and Pure Mathematics at the National University of Singapore.

I enjoy creating software and hacking all things possible. Software engineering provides me a medium to actually craft something that can be useful for the society. The lines of code I craft live in a server, yet it can be used to empower people and solve problems.

Coming to university, I had almost zero programming experience yet a very strong background in mathematics, as I represented Indonesia in winning 2 bronze medals in the International Mathematics Olympiad (2014 and 2015). As an IMO alumni I have always been interested in improving olympiad Mathematics in Indonesia, and Computer Science has helped me achieve that dream. I was the president of the Indonesian Math Online Contest at 2016. One of my biggest contributions is the creation of the organization’s website that serves as a math olympiad system.

I’m also part of the NUS Hackers coreteam. NUS Hackers is a student interest group dedicated in spreading hacker culture and awareness throughout various ways such as annual hackathons, weekly talks and workshops.

Here’s my resume. And my Github. And my LinkedIn.