Afterthoughts: CS2020 Teaching Assistant

11 Apr 2017 | computer-science algorithms life

This semester (AY16/17 sem 2, Spring 2017) I decided to take up the job of teaching a bunch of students in NUS CS2020: Data Structures and Algorithms Accelerated.

How I decided to take up this job was quite funny, actually. Last year, after I failed to come to an exam, I was very, very sad. Then at that time Prof Ben is also not happy with me not taking CS2103, telling me that he might reject me from CS3217 due to that. I was like “no man, I cannot let my life become this messy” and I decided to email Prof Seth for CS2020 TA positions.

In the end, I took up the job of CS2020 TA, while getting accepted to and taking CS3217 at the same time. I don’t regret my decisions (even though I can die already from this workload haha).

Me and my students

Me and my students in CS2020. There’s also the classic tactic of bribing your students pizza to get good feedback ;)

I also compiled 30 questions for the final discussion session, which can be viewed here.

It was quite a sad moment, actually. This module is offered for the last time in NUS, since CS1020, CS2010, and this is being replaced by CS2030 and CS2040. The professors for this module is Prof. Seth Gilbert and Prof. Alan Cheng, both very enthusiastic and charismatic professors. In the lectures you could feel the energy flowing out from them to the students, and they never seem to be tired at all!

I would say that everyone not taught by them is missing something in NUS School of Computing.

The whole class

The whole class of CS2020 AY16/17

Oh, we also bought them these ultra cute Pusheen toys!!

Pusheen toy

Prof. Seth seems to like it really much. :)

Tutoring students was also a very enjoyable moment. Sharing knowledge is fun. Provoking them with hard problems are also fun. I feel that CS2020 students are enthusiastic students, because they actually choose the hardcore mode (you need at least A- for the basic programming module, CS1010 or its equivalent).

I don’t know what other modules to tutor. Other students seem to be less enthusiastic with the other modules…

Oh well, good times come to an end. I wish all the students good luck for the CS2020 (very) final exam.