Twitter Data Science Internship (May 2017 - August 2017)

I worked on the Data Science team in Twitter Singapore. I used Scalding, a Scala library, to write MapReduce jobs.

In my main project, I processed Twitter’s Traffic Attribution dataset, which is about traffic coming to Twitter. These data were then classified into several categories based on two dimensions: sources, such as “Email”, “Push Notifications”, “Business Deals”, and so on, and domains, such as “Search Engine”, “Blogs”, “Adult Websites” and so on. I then visualized the resulting data in Tableau, which were then used to gain a high-level overview of traffic coming into Twitter.

I also did an analysis of emails Twitter sent and presented them to a project manager, informing her on the types of email that drive traffic.


Garena Labs Internship (May 2016 - August 2016)

In my first summer break in NUS, I interned in Garena, one of the biggest tech companies in Southeast Asia. I worked on the backend, using Django to improve websites, create APIs, and so on.

In one of my main projects, I denormalized an existing database by extracting data out using Django’s ORM. I combined them with live data as well, through the messaging queue system Apache Kafka. I then created an API to query the results of these data.

NUS Hackers

NUS Hackers Coreteam (November 2016 - now)

NUS Hackers is an organization in NUS promoting the hacking (building) of any things possible. I am currently hosting a weekly technical talk, dubbed “Friday Hacks”, in which I invite speakers to come down and talk about an interesting technical topic. Previously, I maintained NUS Hackers’s digest (blog), as well as taught HTML and CSS in NUS Hackers’s workshop Hackerschool to around 100 people.

CS2020 Tutor

Teaching Assistant of NUS CS2020: Data Structures and Algorithms Accelerated (Jan 2017 - Apr 2017)

I was one of the teaching assistants in the course CS2020 (Data Structures and Algorithms Accelerated) in NUS, my university. I tutored 11 students in the span of one semester. Tasks include: preparing slides and extra problems for students, discussing problems two hours weekly, grading and giving feedback to problem sets, providing consultations, and grading the coding quiz.


NUSSU commIT Technical Head (May 2016 - now)

NUSSU commIT is the IT wing of the NUS Student Union. We served the community of NUS by maintaing the computer clusters, fixing any problems that might exist. At the same time, I also taught web development in Ruby on Rails to my members, and supervised them in a project.

Open Online Math Contest

Open Online Math Contest: President (2016)

I was the president of Open Online Math Contest, an organization formed by Indonesia’s national math olympiad medalists. We host online and free monthly math contests, with problems ranging from high school level problems to problems in the national olympiad level. We aim to empower Indonesians with accessible math olympiad training, allowing everyone to learn and practice easily.

International Mathematical Olympiad

Bronze Medal in International Mathematical Olympiad (2014 and 2015)

International Mathematical Olympiad is one of the most prestigious math olympiads in the world. I became one of the six people representing Indonesia, winning bronze medals twice.